UnRAR Unarchiver - Zip, Rar Extractor,Expander App Reviews

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Worked just fine!

It can do what is designed to


Works perfectly!

Will not launch. Keeps crashing.

This is a terrible application. I am running OSX 10.11.3 on a Late 2013 iMac. Everytime I launch the application is crashes (attempted to launch it 15 times). This application has been promptly removed from my mac and will NEVER be reinstalled.

totally unprofessional

What’s the point of enabling an app in App Store, if it doesn’t work at all? That’s insolent and impolite, allowing people to waste their time and download that kind of rubbish though you know it doesn’t work.

It does what it says, but pop ups all day long

Why would you have so many popups for ads, i know it is free but this is just crazy. So far it is extracting the files i need but i have to close a box for every file i have to extract.

not really the best archiver out there

Not the best archiver out there, but it worth a try for sure


its one of the best RAR archive managers and compressors I have ever seen so far. Just get the job done right.

doesn’t do jack

can’t even select the rar file when Open file screen.

Great Application!!!

Thank you.

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